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I'm an organizational development professional who helps businesses thrive.


I help organizations level-up their impact.

How? By designing custom programming and support for clients to: 


  • Learn how to identify and dismantle biases that limit what they—and the organizations they form together—can accomplish

  • Developing excellent processes, systems, and structures for current and future success


The child of Bangladeshi immigrants, I'm Atlanta-born, Illinois-bred, and heading into my twelfth year in New York City. 


I've held many roles—college instructor, community organizer, in-house DEI director, high school teacher, and consultant—across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. This experience also spans in-person, virtual, and asynchronous programs as well as train-the-trainer work.


I hold a BA in English with highest honors from Williams College and a MS in teaching from Fordham University.


In addition to consulting, I teach courses on industrial and organizational psychology for Brooklyn College.

About Me

selected WORK

Note: While I do not publicly share client-specific work or videos, I can provide specific samples on request.


As a consultant and facilitator, I always lead with—and adhere to—these key principles:

  1. Assume good intentions and know intentions don't guarantee impact.

  2. Debiasing is a long, individual journey; these touchpoints can only, at best, catalyze work that must go far beyond this time.

  3. People from marginalized backgrounds aren’t responsible for addressing prejudices against them that surface, but facilitators are. Reach out and I will support you while striving to preserve anonymity.

  4. Active presence is a must, but sharing is optional.

  5. Be humble without devaluing yourself.

  6. Take care of your human body!

  7. “There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. Find it.”*


*From adrienne maree brown’s excellent Emergent Strategy


Click the CUNY class title to see the most recent syllabus for each of my graduate courses.

3 / videos
Identity, Social Construction (link)


A 15-minute mini-lecture I made for my virtual, asychronous graduate students in my "Managing Diversity in the Global Economy" course. 

Panel: On the Frontlines of Inequity (link)

A 90-minute dialogue hosted by Williams College featuring myself and three other DEI practitioners.

Welcome to the Antiracism Community Meeting (link)
Zoom recording of my opening facilitation for the Antiracism Community Meeting I designed and led for the New York City Public Schools Division of Early Childhood Education.



DEI Crash Course Participant

"Sabine set the tone of the training so well, and made me feel comfortable to show up even though I was scared."

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A brief round-up of some of the materials I often recommend to people interested in learning more about DEI & organizational development:

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